eZDatacenter MIDRANGE

  • Application: Noise reduction and build an AI Server
  • Usage :  Research institutes, universities, government, etc.
  • Characteristic : (★★★★★ World Best Technology)


1. Minimal operating noise by installing the outdoor unit separately

2. -30% energy saving with inverter cooling system

3. Control and cooling redundancy ensures service survivability [Optional] 

4. Dramatically reduces GPU noise, enabling AI server deployment even in offices

5. Sealed design minimizes failure due to external influences (dust, temperature, humidity, etc.)

6. Remote monitoring: temperature, humidity, power usage, etc.

7. Physical security: Door opening after 6-digit password authentication

8. Suitable for solving GPU heat and GPU noise problems caused by deep learning, machine learning, and neural network training on AI servers

International standards
Rack Unit31 U
Cooling Unit
Cooling capacity
20,000 BTU (Max 40,000 BTU)
Temperature setting range
68 ℉ ~ 93.2 
Use environment
Less than 122 ℉ degrees
45 Decibels or less (depending on the environment used)
Rated voltage
220V (110V) / Single Phase
Current of consumption
Min 10A ~
Safety feature
Automatically open the door before the internal temperature reaches a critical level.
OptionFire extinguisher/ UPS / KVM Switch / Remote Monitoring
/ Fault Tolerance
Dimension2,000(H) * 700 (W) * 1,150 (D)

soundproof server rack / soundproof rack