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- Soundproof Server Cabinet

  • Application: Noise reduction and high confidence service
  • Where to Use: Government offices, government-invested institutions, etc.
  • Soundproof Server Cabinet

  • Characteristic : (★★★★★ World Best Technology)

        1.  The outdoor unit has been installed, reducing noise

            - Patented tech applications Soundproof server cabinet

        2. It has the largest interior space among competing models. (31 U)

        3. Redundant control and cooling systems for maximum reliability. (optional) 

           - Patented tech applications | Soundproof server cabinet

        4. Suitable for scalability due to additional installations such as servers in the future

        5. The interior is sealed to minimize disturbances due to external influences                             (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.).

        6. Remote monitoring (temperature, humidity, power consumption, etc.)

        7. Physical security (You must enter a password to open the door).

        8. Can open the door remotely (Access Control)

        9. Outdoor unit installation and space required

        10. Soundproof Server Cabinet

International standards
Rack Unit31 U
Cooling Unit
Cooling capacity
18,000 BTU (Max 80,000 BTU)
Temperature setting range
68 ℉ ~ 93.2 
Use environment
Less than 122 ℉ degrees
45 Decibels or less (depending on the environment used)
Rated voltage
220V (110V) / Single Phase
Current of consumption
Min 10A ~
Safety feature
Open door if over temperature
Emergency switch
OptionFire extinguisher/ UPS / KVM Switch / Duct / Fault Tolerance
Dimension2,000(H) * 700 (W) * 1,150 (D)

* Soundproof Server Cabinet