• Application: Suitable for High Reliability Service
  • Where to Use: Deep learning, machine learning, neural network learning, etc. 
  • Characteristic : (★★★★★ World Best Technology)

1. The basic model mounts the cooling unit in a 42U Smart Rack.

2. The cooling unit consists of one integrated air conditioner and one heat exchanger each

3. Up to 4 integrated air conditioners can be installed (cooling up to 80,000 BTU)

4. Base model can be continuously expanded to the left or right (1+1, 1+N...)

5. Coustomizable

6. Suitable for solving GPU heat and GPU noise problems caused by deep learning, machine learning, and neural network training on AI servers 

International standardsCompliance
Rack Unit42 U Basic Model
Cooling Unit
Cooling capacity20,000 BTU (Max 80,000 BTU)
Temperature setting range68 ℉ ~ 93.2 
Use environmentLess than 113 ℉ degrees
Heat ExchangerMore than 10,000 BTU 
Rated voltage220V / 110V Single phases 
Current of consumptionMax 10A (40A)
Safety featureOpen door if over temperature
Emergency switch

Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit Integrated Air Conditioner

 - base model comes with 1 AC and can be equipped with up to 4 ACs

 - Heat exchangers are excluded when mounting 2 or 4 ACs

Fire extinguisher/ UPS / KVM Switch / Remote Monitoring 

2,000(H) * 2,100 (W) * 1,150 (D)

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