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- Server Cabinet With Cooling

  • Characteristic : (★★★★★ World Best Technology)

        1.  Place cooling devices between rack and rack, and install continuously.

        2. We've applied power-saving technology that uses only external cold air energy.

           - Patented tech applications | Server cabinet with cooling

        3. Suitable for CO2 reduction by government policy (90% reduction over HVAC) 

        4. Redundant control and cooling systems for maximum reliability.(optional) 

           - Patented tech applications Server cabinet with cooling

        5. Server Cabinet With Cooling

International standards
Rack Unit84 U
Cooling Unit
Cooling capacity
30,000 BTU (Max 60,000 BTU)
Temperature setting range
68 ℉ ~ 93.2 
Use environment
Less than 113 ℉ degrees
Heat ExchangerMore than 10,000 BTU 
Rated voltage
380V / Three phases 
Current of consumption
Max 20A (40A)
Safety feature
Open door if over temperature
Emergency switch
OptionFire extinguisher/ UPS / KVM Switch / Duct
Dimension2,000(H) * 2,100 (W) * 1,150 (D)

* Server Cabinet With Cooling