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We have self-developed technology from hardware to software(Firmware).

  • More than 30% of the money is spent on research and development every year
  • A developer organization
  • CEO with 20 Years of Experience: IT (SI) Sector

  • Have a variety of technologies to ensure service reliability

  • Challenges 0.01% Failure Rate

  • Provides various interfaces for user convenience: SMS, APP, WEB

We have the overwhelming skills to lead the world.

  • #Hot_Swapping : All devices can be replaced in less than five minutes without service interruption.
  • World's first Fault tolerance technology has been adopted. (#Fault_tolerance)
  • It has larger cooling capacity than competing models, but it is small and dense.
  • It adopts heat exchanger, the world's only eco-friendly cooling technology. (#Heat_exchanger)
User- and service-oriented convenience technologies

  • If internal temperature increases due to failure of the cooling system, the door is automatically opened and cooled to the ambient air temperature.
  • Connection of uninterruptible power supply is not required.
  • Major components are modularized. In the event of a failure, it is easy to replace them without stopping the server.
  • Controls access by unauthorized users.
  • You can check the operational status in real-time using the Web Browser, Mobile Application, and SMS (Short Message System).
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