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The safest solution for protecting computer equipment from earthquakes.

  • Edge 2000 Models Base + Anti vibration
  • Essential to major national facilities
  • Preparation against recent earthquakes
  • Satisfied with the rules of broadcasting and communication facilities in Korea.
  • Korean Server Rack Manufacturer
  • Optional : Cooling Unit (7,000 BTU)

1. Anti-Vibration Base
  • Seismic Isolation Technology Satisfied with 7.0 or higher Earthquake Scale
  • Allowable load : More than 1000Kg
  • Seismic Isolation Technology by Ball-Bearing and Plate
  • It is easy to installation, extend installation and movement compared to the seismic isolation table
  • In case of continuous installation, the combined function increases safety.
  • Greater efficiency and economy.
  • Korean Server Rack Manufacturer
2. Certificates and Patents