eZSmart Rack

With the rise of services such as artificial intelligence, CPUs and GPUs are becoming more direct and dense, and the resulting increase in heat generation is driving the need for rack-level monitoring.


Rack-level monitoring Not only can you intuitively grasp the situation of IT equipment, Hot-spot phenomena can be easily identified, and the measured power consumption can be used as data for current or future predictions. can be utilized as data for current or future predictions.

Unlike a typical server rack with a stacking function and power supply function, the temperature, humidity, and power usage inside the rack can be checked through the front touch LCD, and remote monitoring is possible, especially for each rack unit. It has a physical security function that can control the access of unauthorized persons. This is why Smart Rack, a next-generation intelligent rack, is needed.

  Key Features of Smart Rack

1. Control and manage the front 7-inch Touch LCD

2. Door opening after 6-digit password authentication (access control)

3. Display temperature, humidity, and power usage at a glance

4. remote control via Edge Viewer monitoring solution 

5. earthquake protection (integrated seismic isolation - optional)

(Hover over the photo to see the easy-to-move, easy-to-install seismic isolation devices [seismic table, seismic slider seismic isolation devices [seismic isolation table, seismic isolation slider] that are easy to move and install, protected from earthquakes.

See the "Technology" tab for more details)

  7-inch touch LCD screen

  Password authentication for unlocking doors

  Smart Rack with SRONG POINT

  Smart Rack Models

   The above design is patent protected.

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