The outside environment can be very harsh compared to the inside.

In addition to insulation, there are many other factors to consider, such as heating and cooling, theft prevention, and robustness. 

In particular, hot and cold weather is a very harsh environment for internal equipment, which is manifested as a service failure.

We are confident that DOBE Computing's eZOutdoor products can be the optimal solution for outdoor environments.

Micro Data Cener for Outdoor

  • Application : Outdoor operation of computer equipment
  • Usage : 4th industrial revolution, smart city, autonomous driving, etc.
  • Features : Waterproof, overheating prevention, insulation, cooler redundancy, etc.

Micro Data Center for Vehicle

  • Application: Vehicle loading of computer equipment
  • Usage : Military, broadcasting, special purpose, etc.
  • Features : Waterproof, bulletproof, overheating prevention, etc.


  • Application: Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Usage : Solar power generation (battery storage)
  • Features : Rapid exhaust system in case of chiller failure, etc.
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