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EDGE 2000

- Enclosed Server Rack

  • Characteristic: 

        1. Suitable for computing environment with minimum configuration such as 

           VPN, NAC, FireWall, L3, L2 Switch, UPS, DVR.

        2. Minimal space and noise design for enclosed server rack

        3. The interior is sealed to minimize disturbances due to external influences                            (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.).

        4. Remote monitoring (temperature, humidity, power consumption, etc.)

        5. Physical security (You must enter a password to open the door).

        6. Can open the door remotely (Access Control)

        7. Available immediately in most environments without 

           external connections such as ducts.

        8. Minimize condensate and natural evaporate.

        9. Enclosed Server Rack

International standardsCompliance
Rack Unit28 U
Cooling Unit
Cooling capacity7,000 BTU
Temperature setting range68 ℉ ~ 93.2 
Use environmentLess than 113 ℉ degrees
Noise45 Decibels or less (depending on the environment used)
Rated voltage
220V (110V) / Single Phase
Current of consumption
Max 6A (12A)
Safety feature
Open door if over temperature
Emergency switch
OptionFire extinguisher / UPS / KVM Switch / Duct 
Dimension2,000(H) * 650 (W) * 950 (D)

* Enclosed Server Rack