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eZDatacenter EDGE 1500

  • Application: Small Data Center Only
  • Usage: Financial branch, school, community center, etc

  • Characteristic: (★★★★★ World Best Product)

  1. Suitable for a computing environment with minimal configuration such as VPN, NAC, FireWall, L3, L2 Switch, UPS, DVR, etc.
  2. Computer room can be built with minimal space, and it can be used immediately after power connection. 
  3. Sealed design minimizes failure due to external influences (dust, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  4. Remote monitoring: Remote control of temperature, humidity, power usage, etc.
  5. Physical security: Door opening after 6-digit password authentication
  6. Almost no condensate is generated, and if condensate is generated, it evaporates naturally.


international standards
Rack Unit18 U
Cooling Unit
cooling capacity
7,000 BTU
Temperature setting range
68 ℉ ~ 93.2 ℉ 
Use environment
Less than 113 ℉ degrees
50 Decibels or less (depending on the environment used)
Rated voltage
220V (110V) / Single Phase
Current of consumption
Max 5A (10A)
Safety feature

Automatically open the door before the internal temperature reaches a critical level.

OptionFire extinguisher / UPS / KVM Switch / Remote Monitoring
Dimension1,500(H) * 650 (W) * 950 (D)

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