Small-sized independent data center

with constant temperature, soundproof,

dustproof, power-saving and monitoring functions.

Cooling can be focused only on IT equipment

as being separated from the external influences

(such as dust, humidity and temperature)

By adding cooling system into a standard rack

and sealing the internal compartment, you get

 environment control in a dedicated space.  

"Cooling Rack" and "Micro data center" are the same products.

Don’t have a data center building experience.…
How much data will increase?
How do you reduce micro data center price?
What are the measures against noise & dust?
Qualitative effect

• Easy installation (Plug & Play)

• Easy expansion

• Minimize the failure rate

• WEB/Mobile monitoring

• Password authentication method access control

• Minimize space costs

Quantitative effect

• Reduced operating costs by more then 60%

• Infrastructure construction cost is $0

• Up to 80% power saving effect ( In Korea)

• Save up to 90% more carbon dioxide

• Blocks more then 99% dust entry

• Reduces noise by more then 30%

• Micro data center price