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The most earthquake-proof solution for computing resources
  • Seismic isolation for magnitude 7.0 and above
  • Allowable load: 1000Kg or more
  • Application of seismic isolation technology by ball bearing and plate
  • Easy to install, move, and expand compared to seismic table
  • Increased stability with coupling function for continuous installation
  • Improved economy and efficiency compared to the introduction of 'new rack + seismic table'
  • Applicable models: Smart Rack / eZDatacenter
  • Unlike #Seismic_Table and #Seismic_Slider, it is combined into one piece
  • Easy to install and move like a server rack.
  • Compliant with broadcast communication facility protocols

  How it works

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The orange part at the bottom is the all-in-one seismic isolation base, which is very easy to move and install, and the product at the top is our Micro Data Center Entry Model.

The products on the top are available from Smart Rack to our eZdatacenter.

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