eZOutdoor for ESS

  • Application : Energy Storage System
  • Use : For battery storage in solar power facilities
  • Features : Rapid exhaust system in case of chiller failure, flame retardant material, automatic fire extinguisher, etc.

To ensure stable operation and longevity of the battery, the interior is sealed and isolated from external influences such as extreme cold, extreme heat, dust, and moisture, and maintains the proper temperature with minimal power, including eco-friendly cooling and heating devices. 

Outdoor cabinet to ensure maximum availability of ESS, including automatic fire extinguishing system, rapid exhaust system and other accessories to prevent fire accidents.


External Dimension1,198 ( H) * 1,250 (W) * 1,313 (D)Coustomizable
Internal Dimension978 ( H) * 1,224 (W) * 885 (D)
MaterialCold Roll Sheet
Weigh340 Kg
Air ConditionerCapacity590 WCoustomizable
Input Power (Rated current)220V / 60Hz (2.0 A)
Input Power (Rated current)220V / 60Hz (3.0 A)
Heat ExchangerCapacity12W / *K
Input Power (Rated current)220V / 60Hz (0.5 A)
Fire ExtinguishVolume2.67 m3 Stand alone self-operating
  • Circuit breaker (20 A)
  • Door Sensor
  • LED Light (320mm)
  • Controller (2 Electric contact)
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