eZOutdoor for VEHICLE

MDC for Vehicle is a solution originally developed for military applications.

It has a primary anti-vibration system for external use and a secondary anti-vibration system for internal use.

It can be equipped with a total of three cooling units and a heat exchanger, and includes a heater especially for cold weather.

It is designed to be waterproof, bulletproof, and replaceable with "Wire Rope Isolator" for dustproof.

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Dimension1,790(W) * 760(H) * 890(D)mm
Mounting type
Fixed to the trailer vehicle
bolt/nut fastening
Anti-vibration rubber
Internal : OOKg * 24 ea
External : OOkg * 9 ea
Load capacity
1.2 Tons
Rack Unit22 U
PowerOOOV, 50Hz/60Hz, Max 50A
Air Conditioner (580W * 3 Set)
Primary Cooling > Secondary Cooling > Backup Cooling
Heater  800W

Heat Exchanger  1 Set
Temperature range
14°F ~ 131°F
-10°C ~ 55°C
  • Used by : Ministry of Defense, Republic of Korea
  • Purpose: Trailer mounted solution for OOOOO

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