eZOutdoor, short for Easy Outdoor, is a product designed to make it faster and easier to build computing environments in exposed outdoor environments.

The centralized data processing method, including the cloud computing environment, not only delays the response speed of data not only delays the response speed of data, but also increases the bandwidth of the network, leading to higher operating costs.

In addition, if a failure occurs, such as loss or inaccessibility of centralized data, the damage is unimaginable.

Autonomous driving, smart cities, artificial intelligence services, etc. are all dependent on data response time, Securely stored data and fast response time are a must, and eZOutdoor can be the only solution to the above agenda.

  • Purpose : Enclosure for outdoor operation of computer equipment
  • Application : Smart city, 4th industrial revolution, autonomous driving, etc.
  • Features : Waterproof, dustproof, overheating prevention system, insulation, cooler redundancy, etc.
  • Selectable cooling capacity : from as little as 3/4 hp to as much as 2 hp
  • Cooling : Redundancy cooler or eco-friendly heat exchanger in case of cooling unit failure
  • Other : Overheating protection system, automatic fire extinguisher, etc. for high service availability

Case Study

  • Client : Sadui Aramco
  • Project : Outdoor LED Display Billboard
  • Purpose : Establishment of a system for video transmission of a large LED billboard next to a highway
  • Location : Highway next to King Abdulaziz Center, Saudi Arabia
  • Specialty : Exposure to desert temperatures approaching 50 degrees Celsius and sandy dust

(Hover over the photo below to see a picture of the installed roadview (left)).

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