A remote monitoring solution that collects, stores, analyzes, and extracts data transmitted over a TCP/IP network for remote monitoring of all Dobe Computing products.

  Types of Transmitted Data

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Power usage
  • Door status
  • CPU / MEM / HDD utilization
  • Other information

  Features of Edge Viewer

1. Dashboard utilizing a map : replaced with a table when using a closed network

2. Trigger setting function: user notification through threshold value

3. Real-time message check window

4. user-specific permissions  

5. 1:N registration by location and equipment

6. log extraction function

7. SMS integration

  Applies to

  If you would like a demonstration of Edge Viewer, please see Contact Us to get in touch.

Micro data center Monitoring / Rack cooling with monitoring / Smart Rack Monitoring / MDC Monitoring / SmartRack Monitoring / PDU Monitoring / Server Monitoring