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Our Core Values

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DOBE COMPUTING's data solution products are highly integrated "DATA CENTERS".

All-in-one packaged products are ready to go when plugged in, allowing for quick deployment, "safe zones" for servers are enclosed and isolated from the outside environment (such as high temperatures and sandy dust in the desert), and eco-friendly coolers can help maintain the right temperature while also contributing to carbon neutrality.

Cooling Unit redundancy, fire extinguishers, remote control, heat exchangers, and a host of other options make this a complete data center, ready for the explosive growth of edge computing with low acquisition and operational costs and the highest levels of service availability.

  Qualitative effects

  • Easy installation (Plug & Play)
  • Easy expansion
  • Minimize the failure rate
  • WEB/SMS monitoring
  • Password authentication method access control
  • Minimize space costs

  Quantitative effect

  • Reduced operating costs by more then 60%
  • Infrastructure construction cost is $0
  • Up to 80% power saving effect ( In Korea)
  • Save up to 90% more carbon dioxide
  • Blocks more then 99% dust entry
  • Reduces noise by more then 30%

Micro Data Center / Micro Data Center price / Micro Data Center Cost / Rack Cooling / Server Rack with Cooling / Rack with AC

With original technology (patent)


It is a micro data center product that combines a cooling device in a rack that complies with international standards. 

It is an independent and compact data center solution that provides 

  • cooling, 
  • soundproofing, 
  • dustproofing, 
  • Remote Monitoring, 
  • power saving, and 
  • seismic isolator (Optional)

for IT equipment separated from external influences such as dust, moisture, and temperature.

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Container Data Center / Containerized Data Center / Mobile Data Center / Modular Data Center / Edge Mobile Data Center / 전산쉘터 / 컨테이너 데이터 센터

Edge Mobile Data Center


1. All-in-One solution

2. Fast production and deployment (installation) in 12 weeks or less

3. Various options to choose from, no additional investment required

4. Unified management is possible through self-production by DOBE Computing


  • Edge Computing
  • Military installations
  • Telecommunications
  • Smart cities
  • Special Purpose

Edge Mobile Data Center 

used by the South Korean Ministry of Defense

At its core, edge computing is about reducing the response time of data.

In addition to caching between users and data centers, edge mobile data centers can also aggregate data and control overwhelming loads.

Smart Rack / Smart server rack / 스마트랙 / 스마트 서버랙 / 스마트랙 가격 / 스마트랙 제조사 / 컨테이너 데이터 센터 가격 / 쿨링랙 가격 / 항온항습랙 가격

eZSmart Rack

Unlike the existing server rack that only has a stacking function, 

Smart Rack is a product that can perform not only temperature, humidity, and 

power usage inside the rack, but also access control of unauthorized persons, and can monitor the smart rack remotely.

In particular, the Health Check function for the control part of the Smart Rack can perform expensive SMS and NMS functions, which can also be monitored remotely.

  • CPU temperature and usage
  • Memory usage
  • Storage space usage 
  • Power usage 

In addition, the seismic isolator that is integrated into the server rack can protect IT equipment from earthquakes, prevent duplicate investments, and perform efficient rack unit management.

Outdoor Enclosure / Enclosure / Enclosure Manufacturer / Outdoor Cabinet / Enclosure price / Enclosure cost / ESS / 산업용 에어컨 / Industrial air conditioners


Whether it's smart cities, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, or smart factories, the role of ICT in our daily lives is exploding.

In particular, ICT equipment that used to exist only indoors must be able to be deployed in the field (Outdoor) and even in vehicles to reduce response time and make calculations faster.

DOBE Computing has a variety of "Micro Data Center for Outdoor" products that are suitable for the edge computing era.

Computing shelters (Outdoor Enclosures) are divided into fixed and mobile types, and you can advance your service with a variety of products that maximize the survivability of your service under the worst conditions, such as OPS (Overheating Prevension System), heat exchangers, and cooler redundancy.

DOBE Computing has been called upon to fulfill customer needs in a variety of technical and environmental environments.

Aramco, a Saudi state-owned company, wanted to ensure the stable operation of a broadcast video transmission system in a desert environment with sandy dust and 50-degree temperatures.

The reason for the stable operation without a single incident starts with a thorough understanding of the customer.

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