ESS (Energy Storage System)
  • Application : Battery Cabinet
  • Where to use : : Photovoltaic Power Facility

To ensure the stable operation and life of Battery

The interior is sealed and separated from external effects such as cold, hot, dust, and moisture.

Maintain the proper temperature with minimal power, including eco-friendly cooling and heaters.

Quick exhaust system, automatic fire extinguishing system, and other accessories to prevent fire accidents

Outdoor Cabinet to ensure maximum availability of ESS

Custom Model
  • Application : OOOOO (for trailer mounting)
  • Where to user :  Ministry of National Defense (ROK)

Operating on a trailer as a solution to control OOO.

- More than IP66

- More than IK10

- Double Vibration Protection Applies

Water supply and drainage device
  • Application :  Adjust humidity and discharge condensate.
  • Where to use : #HVAC, #Cooling_Unit #Micro_Data_Center, #CoolingRack

- Adjust the automatic feedwater and feedwater pressure.

- Humidity is controlled through vibrator and automatically stops when water is low

Available for sale

Modifiable according to purpose and use

Monitoring & Device Controller
  • Application : Monitoring & Device Control
  • Where to use : #Cooling_Devices #HVAC #Rack #Heating #Monitoring

- Remote control over TCP/IP (software purchased separately)

- various interfaces : APP, WEB, SMS, API

- Cooling Control

- Heating Control

- Humidity Control

- Access Control

- Emergency Control

Available for sale

Modifiable according to purpose and use